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Karupoeg Puhh OÜ

Karupoeg Puhh OÜ is an estonian retail and wholesale company, whichwas founded in 2007. The company offers a wide selection of products for children, including toys, games, play mats, strollers, prams, car seats and much more. We have 5 retail stores in Estonia and in 2009 we opened the onlineshop

Cloud b


Karupoeg Puhh is the sole official distributor of Cloud b products in the market of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania starting year 2013



Angry Birds

Since 2012 of June Karupoeg Puhh is representative

company of ANGRY BIRDS products in Latvia and Lithuania!

More info:


Ka Bo Chan
Wholesale manager
+372 56 850 580




> Angry Birds Christmas offer

> Angry Birds product offer








The most recent news from Karupoeg Puhh products and events, please send us your e-mail address.


Mo - Fr 10.00-19.00 S-Su 10.00 – 17.00

+372 5620 2201

Tallinn, Nõmme, Salve 2a  - Estonia


Mo - Su 10.00-20.00

+372 5650 6509

Rannarootsi shopping center - Estonia


Mo - Fr  9.00-19.00    S 9.00-15.00    Su 10.00-15.00

+372 5620 2331

N-Kaubamaja (N-shopping center) - Estonia


Mo - Su 10.00-21.00

+372 5646 6900

Eedeni shopping center - Estonia